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Primarily Working in the fixed welding automation industry for over 40 years. Dennis Camp is an expert in applications of weld automation. Application of welding seamers, positioners, manipulators, weld lathes and pipe welding productivity. We provide consulting to simplify pipe tank and vessel welding automation production improvements. Welding Automation Solutions to improve quality while reducing labor and skill costs. Contact me for information on how we can help you improve your seam welding needs.

While also concentrating on product, photojournalism, events and documentary photography. Working in chemical and digital media. Covering in and around the Cincinnati Ohio and Northern Kentucky Area. Other domestic and international captures are from my travels.

Providing all types of photography. I enjoy candid street photography and portrait work as well as nature, landscapes, macro, sports, Hot air balloon glows, architectural both inside and outside. Enjoying all types of photography, like long exposure night photography, fisheye lens fun, and extreme narrow depth of field. I explore photography as to not what you see, but how you see it.

I do all types of contract and charity photography. I will not do except weddings and senior portraits. 

I live next to a private nature preserve Rowe Woods and it is often a source for my nature photographs such as ponds, lakes, leaves, benches, bridges, Krippendorf Lodge and the many trees, flowers and the woodlands trails. Living in the suburbs of Perintown Ohio

Taking many pictures of the Anderson Ferry since the mid nineteen nineties when I started commuting on the ferry. Many of my Anderson Ferry photographs are published on websites or used for promoting the Anderson Ferry

I do sell prints of my photographs and offer some free use of my media art. There are several websites and blogs where my photography is being featured and for sale. We donate some art for charitable limited use needs.

I use a Nikon and many other cameras and lens of all types and quality for my photography. I do contract event photography and may other digital media pictures and video.

Pioneering in websites SEO techniques and designs since the early nineteen nineties. We have been  providing consulting and Internet related services to companies, individuals and non-profits organizations all over Cincinnati, Ohio and the USA. I work on a selective contract basis with all size and types of entities.

Please contact me about any questions you may have regarding your Internet presence consultation. TyMax digital media and SEO website consulting services.
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